Finding Food to FUEL: Samantha's journey to whole health



“I could never workout out before work”

“I could never give up bread or cheese”

“I’ll never run another half marathon”

In 2015 my life was filled with what I could or would not do. At that time giving up bread was not an option. Consequently, I was overweight with constant feelings of anxiety and sadness (when I didn’t see any reason why), achy joints and zero energy. I guzzled energy drinks almost daily for pick up to combat the afternoon lull. I summed this up to “getting old” and these feelings quickly became the norm. I hated myself.

In 2016, I made a New Year’s resolution to ‘get healthy’. In the past I had tried counting calories, drinking shakes, counting macros, eating minimal amounts foods, or not eating for long periods of time. I had tried almost everything to lose weight and knew there had to be something I was missing; some kind of knowledge. I ditched the internet (too much information and totally overwhelming) and went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple books.

In February I joined Get Fit. I sleepily walked into 4 am class because I was self-conscious and wanted there to be the least amount of people there to see me fumbling around the weights or hanging from those straps! I was greeted warmly by Cheryl who introduced me to the ‘Zombies’ and then took a picture! I thought ‘who takes a picture at 4 am?! I don’t even know these people!’ and tried to hide in the back but I found myself in the picture anyway. I’ll never forget that day. I immediately loved the workouts and the people. Smiles and high fives? Yes, please! I loved the energy and wanted to be around it. I began to get involved in community again, volunteering at Love Modesto and the Modesto Marathon.

I joined Get Fit during a boot camp. I asked questions about it and thought immediately “I’ll never do a boot camp, that’s just too much” but seeing the boot campers pushing themselves and the trainers pushing them in a non-scary way was inspiring. The seed was planted.

In May I noticed the program Food Fit. I was immediately interested but had to wait for the next round in August. Bummer. Around the same time, I read It Starts with Food and my mind was blown. I had a paradigm shift. I was more anxious than ever to start Food Fit but couldn’t wait at the same time. In June I started a round of Whole 30 by myself. I made it 26 days and celebrated July 4th. One thing I always promised myself I would not let food deter me from enjoying celebrations of holidays and I did not let it. I restarted the next day to the horror of my boyfriend who asked “can’t we just go 4 more days? And call it good” I smiled and answered “No.” I successfully completed my first whole 30 fuel food right after. I was amazed at my determination and my self-discipline. I was a gal who lived off pizza, cheeseburgers, wings, cereal, and burritos and I had gone 30 full days without any of them. I survived. And I wanted to know more. I watched documentaries, devoured books-- anything I could get my hands on because I wanted to learn.

I signed up for Food Fit. During Food Fit I ate probably more vegetables than I have in my entire life. My mantra is now “add greens to everything. Then add some more” I love my greens now. And haven’t had an energy drink since June 2016.temp-post-image

Over the summer I had signed up for a half marathon (something I promised I would never do again) but I had a renewed sense of determination. I knew I had to train so I joined Run Fit. When I joined I could barely run 1 mile without stopping for a break. Through the training and new understanding of nutrition and fueling my body within a month and a half I was going for 5, 7, 8 miles without stopping! I continued to be amazed at what my body could accomplish when I fueled it properly. During training I signed up for 2 more half marathons, completing 3 within 4 months. For me this was an accomplishment. After finishing The Change Up (Get Fit’s 4 week boot camp), I knew I wanted to do an 8 week hybrid, fueling myself 8 weeks with fuel food from Food Fit. My goal is to make fuel food a lifestyle. I intend to keep my promise of not letting food determine my life, I will celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings and all those fun festive events. But now I have a knowledge of what will awake my sugar dragon and I know what my worth-its are. Potlucks in class or the candy bowl at work are not worth-its for me.temp-post-image

This past year, with a simple New Year’s resolution, I have grown into a better version of me. I can do burpees with a push up, box jumps, TRX pikes, hold a plank, and full pushups--movements I struggled with a year ago.

And I love myself. I love my body for what it can do. I care for my body because it’s the only one I get and I want it to be able to do more awesome things this upcoming year (Spartan, maybe?) 2016 was the year of “I can & I will” and it’s pouring into this year with no plans of stopping. Nutrition and fitness have brought a confidence to me I haven’t felt in a long time. What started as a weight loss journey has turned into so much more.

The timing was perfect when I signed up and walked into Get Fit. Get Fit is not just a gym. It is a community. It is a family. I have met so many amazing, wonderful, caring, people who all just want to lift each other up and watch them succeed. How cool is that?

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