Find Freedom With Food!

Food fit is an incredible program that truly stands out in the sea of "how to get healthy" but don't just take our word for it see what some of the past Food fitters think about their experience in the following testimonies:

  • "All numbers look good! Really surprised my inches lost weren't more as I really went down in size with my clothes. Didn't take pics of arms but the definition of my arms is crazy. So happy to have lost the little muffin top. I am a happy Food Fitter! Thanks again for bringing this program to us!"- Food Fit client
  • "I just can't tell you how excited I am about food now & how I feel! I just feel so dang happy inside! So weird!! Who would have thought! Thank you so much for introducing me to this! I wish my whole family would do this" - Food Fit client
  • "Got back from SLO and my husband and I kicked out the food prep, chicken soup, sweet potatoes, mexican turkey hashbrowns! Plus tonight's dinner, phew! Not what I would normally be doing on my birthday, more like three meals out plus dessert, but that is what is amazing about the change I have from Food Fit, the world doesn’t (butdoes on prep day revolve around food, it should revolve around the people we care about instead and I have found new ways to spend time with people or be entertained and not need the catalysis of "going out" to do so." -Food Fit client
  • "Well, today... today I fit into an actual pair of my "normal" sized jeans. Normal meaning NOT plus size, not my skinny jeans... yet, but jeans without elastic and that can be purchased in the "normal size" department. I am a believer lol" -Food Fit client
  • "Food prep is all done... it feels so great and relieving to know exactly what I will be having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next week and that I have taken MOST of the work in getting these delicious meal ready!!"- Food Fit client
  • "So my husband is doing fuel food with me and has really high blood pressure (has since he was about 21!) he just went yesterday to have his pressure checked and meds refilled and his blood pressure was low! (Even with his pills it's normally a little high) hoping to get him off his meds completely. This was such exciting news! Thanks! , you and this program are miracle workers! Thank you so much for everything. This program is actually easy once you get the hang of it." -Food Fit client
  • "I know this isn't over yet, but I decided to check to morning to see how much has changed. I'm a yo-yo dieter and use to be a workout addict. Last year at this time I was doing 3 workouts a day. Not easy workouts either. I did an hour or fasted cardio in the morning 6-7days, crossfit, and then lifted for an hour 4x a week. With work and all I have not really had time to workout other than walking my dog for a couple miles a day. I do also walk to and from work half the time. Well since foodfit I just FEEL amazing and it's all from the food! I'm still not sure if I've lost weight at all, but I'm not puffy! I was always puffy and hungry! Even though this foodfit program is almost over, I'm pretty sure it really is a lifestyle for me. Only with wine occasionally:)"- FoodFit client
  • "Well today I put on a pair of slacks that I purchased a little too small in June.... They are now too baggy to wear. Thank you Food fit!!! This really works #ineedabelt #foodfit #itsnotadiet" -FoodFit client