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8 weeks. That's all it took to reclaim my health and become so much stronger--stronger in all aspects of life. Rock Body Bootcamp has been over for 3 weeks and I am now living real life. The food temptations are there, I eat some sweets occasionally, but I have made a commitment to myself and my family to only keep clean food in the house.
I am so thankful for Rock Body Bootcamp; it was such an incredible experience. I finally feel like myself again. I am confident in my own skin and cannot tell you how many people have made comments to me about having this new "glow" about myself--well I really do feel very glow-y. I started RBBC wearing size 12 pants, and am now wearing a 2 or a 4 depending on the brand.
I lost a total of 23 pounds, 12% Body Fat, and 13 inches overall.
I am now so fascinated by nutrition--talking about it, cooking new recipes, etc. that I decided to enroll in FOODFit so that I can become more educated on what we in society should be putting in our bodies vs. what we actually eat every day.
So many people have been asking me when the next bootcamp is taking place, so here it is!
Rock Body Bootcamp presents The Change Up. Begins May 12. 4 weeks. Meal plans. Bonus workouts.

Email for more details.

The process is so worth it.