Fifty and Fabulous


Getting Started

When the idea of doing a boot camp was presented to the staff at Big Valley Christian School I was beyond angry! Really? What? I can’t do that! However, I was wrong. With the loving kindness of Heather Sutton, Francesca Orr, and Michelle Mott I made the decision to join LionFit in January of 2015. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My Thankful (Healthier) Heart

I am so grateful to so many: Adrienne Skiles, my first coach, Allison and Bear Walters for always encouraging me, Tara and Jonathan Crenshaw for the vision of whole health, Michelle Kendrick of her desire to help others and all of the trainers for their thoughtfully planned and well executed classes and of course Heather and Michelle! Words cannot express how grateful I am to my amazing husband and workout partner, Ron Boren. He truly has been my biggest cheerleader. Our four daughters, Maci, Mari, Delesia and Anni encourage me daily.

From Junk to Junkie

Hello, my name is Suzanne Boren and I am a junkie! I was once a junk food junkie now I am a boot camp, clean food eating, work out junkie! Get Fit has been instrumental in my journey from an unhealthy lifestyle to a lifestyle of eating clean and working out!


From Couch Potato to Spartan

In May of 2014 I had major foot surgery. I sat on the couch for the entire summer! Depression set in and I ate! I ate my way to a very unhealthy me! I had given up! I thought what matter does it make? I am almost 50! Well, thanks to Get Fit’s Corp Fit things started to change! Wow, clean eating really gives me more energy! Wow, non-scale victories really are the best! “Wow, Suzi you look great!” are words I never thought I would hear again! Well guess what? I hear those words often and it feels amazing! Words of encouragement and praise are spoken into my life often by the staff and fellow clients of Get Fit! What an amazing group of REAL people!

Here we are in July of 2016 and I just completed my first Spartan Super! It was the most physically and mentally challenging feat I have ever taken on in my life! It was tough! Once again it was the people of Get Fit that encouraged me to hang tough and told me I could do it! Cynthia Martinez and Nate Benninger will never know what their words did for me that day! As I crossed the finish line I kept thinking, “Who are you?” I am a GetF it Spartan! I will never go back to being a couch potato!


Fifty and Feeling Fabulous

Well, almost 50! On August 29th I will celebrate my 50th birthday and will be in the best shape of my life! What I once dreaded I now celebrate! My journey is not over I have signed up for Hybrid Boot Camp! I can’t wait to see what new victories I can accomplish with my family at Get Fit!