Communication Challenge


I just wanted a pedicure. That is how it began. But due a communication breakdown somewhere, I ended up leaving not just with a pedicure, but with my nails painted and me feeling embarrassed.

Let’s just say the nail tech and I did not have a good relationship communicating. She asked if I wanted a manicure too and I said “NO.” Then she asked me to take off my nail polish and handed me supplies. Then she handed me the nail polish, so, naturally, I painted my nails. Then she looked at me, appalled that I did that. Clearly that is not what she meant. I left slightly embarrassed, but at least my toes matched my nails, and I was only charged for a pedicure.

So maybe that hasn’t happened to you, but I am sure somewhere along the way you have had a communication kerfuffle, whether it was with a friend, a coworker, your kids, a parent, or your spouse. I usually know I am in one by how I feel: my stomach feels funny and I feel a twinge of guilt or anger.

As I spend time coaching people in communication, it is no surprise I struggle with it as well. Things I continue to work on, as I preach it to others are skills like:

Being clear and direct
Making my body language match my desired tone
Watching my tone
Making sure I am not just reacting, but communicating what I feel
Making my expectations known and verbalized
Listening to hear and not to respond (retaliate)

I am not sure about you, but the more I am around my little people and spouse with the summer time schedule, and as I find my normal routine thrown off, it is important to work on this. As you keep at it in the gym, I challenge you to pick one of these and work on it intentionally. Maybe a new 30 day challenge as your sets of 100 ends? The more you practice, the more it is part of you.

Proverbs 15:1 ESV “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. “