Calling In Back Up


Most of us start our week out with a plan. Meetings are scheduled, grocery shopping is done, we know when and where the kids need to be during the week, family events are on the calendar, maybe a date night is squeezed in there somewhere, and we are ready to roll for the week.

Meal Plans.

Workout Plans.

Work Plans.

Dinner Plans.

Planning Plans.

They're all planned out typically on a Sunday........................

and then Monday hits.


And if your Monday was anything like mine this week, all plans were shot the moment my feet hit the floor.

My daughter was sick. My heart broke for her little stuffy nose and her cough that was so ferocious, it would make a werewolf back away.

So I was sad for her...but if I'm being completely honest, I was sad for myself too.

I love to workout. Being at the 8:30 class at Get Fit every morning is 45 minutes of "me time"--pretty much the only 45 minutes I have to myself



I love the music. I love the workouts. I love the energy. I love the way it kick starts my day, but most of all, I love the PEOPLE.

But the first rule of child care is Don't Bring A Sick Kid; quarantine them until not one germ is in sight--which is basically 3 years from the first drop of snot, because kids are walking germs.

So I had to stay home. BLEH.

My mentality at the beginning of the morning started out as "I feel so bad that Jovie is sick." Then when 8:10 rolled around it switched to "woe is me! I can't workout." By 12:00 my body had made a permanent indentation on the couch from watching about infinity episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all i could think was "looks like i'm home for the day. I'm comfortable, I can't take a sick kid to the gym, so that's my excuse for not working out today." For about 3 minutes it was a solid argument, until I realized that I still have goals, and every second of the day is a perfect opportunity to teach my daughter important life lessons.

(Enter The Back Up Plan)

After Jovie's afternoon nap, I suited up into my gym clothes, slipped on my nikes, loaded her up in the stroller and we went for a 3 mile run. She loved the fresh air and I loved the endorphins. Then when we got home I turned on a Jillian Michaels DVD and we shredded together while my pasta sauce simmered.

Any of us can come up with a million excuses as to why we can't workout on any given day. The excuses are limitless. One time I actually had a friend call me up and say "I have a blister on my foot, is that a lame reason to ditch my workout?" and I said, "Yep. I'll pick you and your blister up in 10 minutes."

The reality is we can plan and plan our weeks out all we want, but then real life happens. We have to step outside of our ideal week and adapt. Be flexible. Come up with your excuses and then throw them to the wind. Focus on our priorities, because life is never exactly what we plan, but we can certainly plan to make things happen no matter what life throws at us. <------- This is something I want Jovie to learn.

So, I highly recommend coming up with a back up plan for the days you can't make it in to Get Fit. Go for a run, ROLLERBLADE (seriously. do this. and send me selfies bc rollerblading is AWESOME but seeing someone rollerblade is a rare but beautiful find), plug in a workout DVD: I love Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and Insanity (Shaun T where ya at?!?!), use a fitness app, or go for a bike ride. Show yourself that nothing can hold you back--not even all the excuses in the world.

When life throws you curve balls, dust off your back up plan, throw some tennis shoes (or rollerblades) AND HANDLE IT.