Back to School Lunches

In the next few weeks, the kids are all going to be back at school. With school being back in swing comes early mornings, crazy schedules with sports, dance, church activities, etc. and it becomes so easy to start grabbing packaged foods that lack nutrients, swinging through a drive through, and filling lunch boxes with chips, cookies, sugary granola bars, and so much more. We thought we'd give you a few ideas on how to make lunches and snacks for your little ones not only healthy, but quick.

First thing's first.

Educate your child on what eating a proper meal/snack consists of: a lean protein, and a complex carbohydrate.

Protein examples:

Chicken Breast

Turkey Breast

Lean Ground Beef

Nuts/Nut Butter--Almonds, Cashews, Peanut Butter etc.


Easy Lunch Box Complex Carbohydrate Examples:







Grape Tomatoes

Bell Peppers

Some fruits, veggies, turkey, hard boiled eggs (these pre-packaged ones from Costco are so convenient for grab and go), and some almonds all provide the nutrients your kiddo will need for their snacks and lunch and school. Most schools allow for a morning snack and lunch, so if your child has after school activities, be sure to have them pack an extra protein/carb to fuel with as they are headed to their soccer practice, dance class, etc. just as we did here.temp-post-image

These chips are AMAZING and the only ingredient is apples!


Take a clean approach to the classic PB&J by using Dave's Killer Bread: Powerseed (red package), adding some nut butter with the only ingredient being the nuts, and some chopped strawberries, cut up grapes, or honey. Costco also has a strawberry chia seed jam right now.


If you're the type of parent that loves to bake an after school goodie, try these cookies out