25 Things About Tessa


1. Snowboarding is my favorite hobby! Being on a mountain is my happy place!


2. I Moved to Modesto from a town in Minnesota of 2,500 people the middle of my freshman year of high school (worst time to move your kid, talk about culture shock!)

3. I played the French horn until I moved to Modesto (apparently it's not as cool to be in band in California)

4. I love Lucy is my favorite show of all time!

5. I Grew up riding horses. We moved our horses with us when we moved from Minnesota.


6. My first vehicle I bought myself was a lifted truck, I loved it!

7. My dream job would be to own a bakery.

8. I am terrified of mice and snakes. My brother had a ball python while I was growing up and he would put it in bed with me while I was sleeping.

9. I have 5 brothers, no sisters. I have only lived with two of them though.

10. I have a two year old wild little boy who is my whole world!


11. I've wanted to live in Colorado since I was 11 and will one day move there!

12. I have ran two marathons and was lucky enough to have one of the best running coaches, Charlie Johnson!


13. A dream of mine is to live in a tiny house.

14. I won most artistic for my senior year of high school.


15. I have broken both of my wrists. Once was while I was snowboarding and I didn't know I broke it for an hour because it was so cold out and the other I broke jumping off a swing, not my proudest moment.

16. Stevie Nicks was my first concert.

17. I Grew up in a tattoo shop so to speak. Pretty much my whole family works in the industry.


18. My mom is best friend now but growing up we did not get along (good ol' teenage years).


19. When I graduated high school I was going to school to be a large animal vet and after two years of pursuing that I changed my major to interior design. That plan was put on hold when my son came along.

20. I love to paint! I prefer to paint in oils. I got a scholarship to the Academy of Art in San Francisco for some of my paintings.


21. I can hula hoop like nobody's business!

22. I threw up on Little Richards shoe when I was 5 at a restaurant in Hollywood

23. I love hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, pretty much anything that involves nature.


24. I have scoliosis in my lower back and part of my spine is fused together preventing me from being able to touch my toes.

25. I have a bucket list written out that I started in high school and I constantly add to it!