25 Things About Natalie

  1. If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t be married to my husband, Kyle. Thank goodness he had guts to message me through messenger instead of saying hello to me in person.
  2. After 2 weeks of dating my now husband, I went and opened up a savings account for my wedding because I knew he was the one.

  3. I love running. But I run with no running gear on me - no watch, no music, no phone. Just me - I use this time for prayer and I’ve yelled, cried and laughed all while putting in miles.

  4. I have 3 kids, 3 years. 1year. 6 months. If you’ve been at Get Fit for a while you’ve seen me pregnant all three times.

  5. My family sings 3 verses of “Happy Birthday” and ends with “hip hip hooray.” It’s quite the production!
  6. I played the cornet during elementary and high school.
  7. I grew up in a family of 1 boy, 3 girls and married into the same type of family.

  8. My favorite way to unwind after the day is to take a bath.
  9. My mom owns a yard maintenance company, so every year growing up in the summer I worked for her.
  10. My son’s name is Easton. I threw the name out to my husband when I was pregnant with him and he agreed right away…a little too quick compared to all the name conversations we had had. I soon learned that it was a baseball brand, and it all made sense as to why my husband agreed to it so easily.
  11. I grew up without a Dad. It’s taught me a lot about myself and has drawn me closer to my Heavenly Father and I cling to HIM more because of it.
  12. My family has a New Year’s Eve tradition of pea soup and olie bollen (deep fried raisin donut covered in powdered sugar).
  13. I don’t love animals and I have good reasons why! I’ve been stung by a sting ray while surfing in San Diego, almost ate a dragon fly while swimming in the lake, was bit by a scorpion (that was in the bottom of my purse), and almost stepped on a rat that ran right in front of me while running down Floyd.
  14. I was the 1st case in San Joaquin County to have H1N1 (swine flu).
  15. I love to jump rope.
  16. I love day trips to wherever and don’t mind being in the car.
  17. I am addicted to cold cereal when I’m pregnant and have to have every type of flavor in the house just in case I’m in the mood for it.
  18. My mom is the most selfless person I know. She raised 4 kids on her own. When I ask her how she did it she always says, “By the grace of God”. (here she is with my kiddos)

  19. I drove a 1992 Toyota Tercel in high school.
  20. I have been blessed to marry into a family who loves me as one of their own!

  21. I have an obsession with candles.
  22. You name it, and I put it in the freezer. Chips, cookies, flour, rice.
  23. I love Dave Ramsey’s money principles and am thankful for a husband who is diligent in providing me with a budget each month. I always joke that he is my financial advisor…but really, I ask him before purchasing anything that isn’t on the budget.
  24. I absolutely hate being the center of attention. I’d rather not be noticed.
  25. My sisters and I were often referred to as “one of the Fisher girls” We are still unsure if this was a good or bad thing.