25 Things About Ashley

  1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and danced Hula for about 4 years.
  2. My family nickname, given to me by my nephew, is Shell.
  3. Though we took a 10 year break, I am married to my high school sweetheart. He even signed his name across my senior picture in the yearbook. He still gives me butterflies.temp-post-image
  4. I graduated high school when I was 16. So,…yeah that means I started college at 16. Scary!
  5. I was a school teacher for 11 years and loved, loved, loved it!
  6. I gave birth to 3 kids in 30 months. My husband and I wanted to have two kids as close as we could get them. We had Katie and then 14 months later we had Emmy. Goal achieved! Then 16 months after that God gave us the best surprise of our lives, our son Wesson (AKA Bubba).temp-post-image
  7. We have a Great Dane named Dixie, and she seems more like a human than a dog. As the days get colder she is really good at stealing peoples’ blankets and using them to cover herself up. Best dog ever!temp-post-image
  8. My favorite color is yellow. Yup, yellow walls in my room as a child, yellow bridesmaids dresses, yellow water bottle…you name it. It’s a timeless color that you just can’t help but love.
  9. I love burpees. They go well in any workout.

  10. My hubby, Phil, is a farmer. We live on a little farm, and our kids pretty much always have dirt on themselves.
  11. A little over two years ago I blew out my knee coming down from my 47th box jump. The goal was 50 for time…so close! After having knee surgery I’m back to doing box jumps, BUT now I jump up and always step down.temp-post-image
  12. Every year we get a churro and our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.
  13. Even though my husband is a farmer, I have a true talent for killing plants.
  14. My favorite piece of furniture is my 20 year old couch. I sit in the same spot every morning and drink my coffee. I have even been known to make children move to other spots if they are there. It’s serious business. Much to my husband’s dismay I cannot seem to find a couch that measures up to this one, so we can’t get rid of it yet. But not worries, she looks great for her age!
  15. temp-post-image
  16. Phil and I were at the Giants’ game the night Matt Cain pitched his perfect game.
  17. I love serving in Women’s Ministry.
  18. I loved working out pregnant.
  19. Phil and I were only engaged for 7 weeks.
  20. I really enjoy mowing our lawn with a push mower.
  21. I love a great lipstick.
  22. While I was in graduate school I was such a nerd that I never even went to the beach, and I went to UC Santa Barbara.
  23. At 18 and 19 I spent some time in Uganda working in a school teaching Bible and computer classes.
  24. I love naps.
  25. In grade school I was not able to make the “r” sound. I spent most of my 2nd grade year in speech therapy. But every now and then I still slip up and sound like I’m from New York.
  26. I’m full of faults, have my share of struggles and know how desperately I need Jesus. And day by day I’m learning a bit more about His relentless love for me.