25 Things About Allison

25 Things about Allison


1. Bear and I have been married for 10 years this October. I had 9 bridesmaids, Bear had 9 groomsmen and we had 40 people at our head table at the wedding!


2. Going to Africa is on my Bucket List.

3. I have my degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, I have worked for the Sacramento Kings, International Marketing at Gallo, taught High School Health & Drivers Ed, Pilates instructor and now I am the CorpFit Director, and Homeschooling mama. NEVER WOULD HAVE IMAGINED! God does hear the desires of our heart even before we know what they are.

4. We recently bought 3 acres in the country and converted to country life…we have no idea what we are doing, but country sunsets are the best and sometimes I don’t want to leave because it has become our refuge!



5. I have traveled to Europe, Australia and Thailand and can’t wait to take my girls!

6. I sleep with an eye mask to turn my brain off.

7. You will rarely find crumbs on my counter, but always you will find them on my floor!

8. We met, dated and got married within a year! Bear asked me to marry him as I came down the escalator at the Sacramento Airport with a huge yellow sign in front of both of our families!temp-post-image

9. I drink a ridiculous amount of coffee.


10. I had both of my babies 3 weeks early.

11. I am the oldest of 3 with 9 years between my sister Kellie and I.temp-post-image


12. I love Fall…when I used to be addicted to coffee mate creamer I would buy 15 bottles of pumpkin spice and freeze it to enjoy all year long!

13. We have 10 chickens, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 free-range bunnies living on our property currently. I aspire to have a green thumb and a huge garden!

14. God has given Bear and I an incredible story that we love to share openly. If our story can help point even one person to Christ then it has all been worth it.

15. There are a handful of women in my life that know all the ins and outs! They know when I’m up and when I’m down and walk the hard dark roads as well as the roads of celebration with me! They have been true treasures from God!

16. I spent New Years in Paris one year with two friends and got off the train at 4am to call home and the train doors shut and left me on the platform with nothing but the phone in my hand!

17. Many of the groomsmen at our wedding took off their pants by the end of the night and danced the night away in boxers.

18. I’m a people pleaser and I’m learning to live in the real struggle when you shift from living to please all those you love, to living to serve Jesus.

19. Addelyn and Reghan have started their own egg business! Farm Girl Eggs! We currently are facing a supply and demand issue!


20. I’ve been skydiving in Stockton and hand gliding in the Swiss Alps.


21. I really DO NOT love chest and triceps day. Like I often think of grabbing one person from class and inviting them to ditch with me and get coffee!

22. I am the mom of two amazing little girls!


23. I LOVE yogurt mill!

24. I’ve run a marathon, a Spartan and a mini tri-athalon, although I look more like I’m drowning than swimming usually.

25. I tried out for cheerleading, soccer, basketball and swim team to no avail. My parents finally paid for private tennis lessons. Heart of an athlete without the skill sets. I was super awkward in High School!