Adrienne Skiles

I am blessed to be a mom of 2 little ones. They keep me busy but we have so much fun while doing life. We like to spend time outdoors riding horses, playing together with bubbles, barbies, tractors and working in the fields farming with my husband.

I joined Get Fit as part of the very first Boot Camp and have never left. Get Fit opened my eyes to a passion that I didn’t know I had. I now like foods I said I wouldn't eat, I learned new ways to cook foods that I already liked, found out I actually enjoy working out and love helping others work towards a life of healthy living through coaching Corp Fit and Food Fit. I have gained so much life knowledge from Get Fit, that has helped my family more than I thought a “gym” ever could. My Family and I have worked through injuries and illnesses and came out stronger because of Get Fit. The knowledge and example that I am sharing with my kids is irreplaceable.

Previously, I worked in HR for 7 years and have experienced other wellness programs. Now I can combine multiple passions and reach out to companies and corporations in creating their own program for the employees. This gym has changed my life and has been a blessing to me and my family. I am part of Get Fit because I love watching people reach goals they didn’t think they could achieve; mentally, physically, and emotionally.