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About Us

Real Fitness For Real People

At Get Fit we are more than a workout, we are a cause. We are the I CAN in I can't, the POSSIBLE in impossible, the HOPE in hopeless. Your sweat on the floor is you letting go of your past. The muscle on your body is your proof you've made it through hell. The confidence in your walk says "I won't give up." The look in your eyes says "I WILL SUCCEED!" Every time you show up to a workout you prove that you are defying the odds. In your weakness you have become strong. In your brokenness you have become whole. In the chains of yesterday you are now living for today. Freedom is yours! We will speak on behalf of the voiceless and say "It is never too late to become who you are meant to be." YOU are a champion, a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, an athlete, a friend, a soldier, a trail blazer, a fighter, YOU ARE REAL. You are family. You are Get Fit.

Whatever your goals are, we know what to do to get you there...Get in. Get Inspired. Get Fit!

Get Fit generates motivation, results, and fun from the second the doors open at 4:15am until the moment they close at 8:30pm. With an incredible class schedule that is packed with the best training in the area, we offer far more than just a work workout- we create a fitness experience! Clients range from young children who play in our kid zone, people just getting started, ripped elite, to clients in their 80s who are committed to staying fit and staying healthy. The Get Fit facility rocks 6,000sq/ft for all ages and fitness levels and offers full bathroom and shower amenities, as well as great parking. Get Fit opened in April of 2011 and brought new programs never before seen in Modesto and a new option for people looking for something completely different. The groups are larger, address the needs of the individual, while keeping a community focus. Professional motivators take people through group classes meant to help people transform not just their body- but also their mind. Clients are invited to come in no matter how low energy and blah they are feeling- and leave feeling strong, energized, inspired, and balanced! New clients can enjoy our free, 7-day challenge. That way, you can come and try us out with no strings attached. We are here to help and would love to meet you. Get Fit Group, Personal Training and Nutrition in Modesto, CA., through cross training, TRX, Kettle Bells, Boxing, and More!

Be prepared to be inspired. We will not perpetuate the crazy myth that more cardio and hardly eating is the answer. It takes work. It takes weights. It takes a plan. It takes showing up. It takes looking in the mirror and making some changes. It takes guts to live above the status quo but if that's you or you want it to be then you have found the right place. Instead of rows of cycles and television screens that can make you feel you are in the matrix, we have a floor, trx gear, iron, heavy bags, gloves, and people. We have clients of all ages at all fitness levels all participating together in an uplifting, energizing activity zone. Instead of people yelling at you to do better, you have personal trainers who will lead you to be better. We are real. We are honest. We sweat. We laugh. This is a place of acceptance. It's a place where normal people achieve extraordinary results using Get Fit Training Systems, personal training expertise, and community.